Image of young man in employee uniform at Ann Arbor Hand's On Museum


Voshon and three other young adults with Down syndrome became volunteer Gallery Guides at the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum following a Mi Work Matters presentation to employee mentors. Voshon also auditioned for a t.v. commercial and was chosen for a primary, paid role! He has said he always wanted to be an actor or a chef and this gave him the opportunity to live one of his dreams. 

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Kate had an internship this past summer in the Detroit office of a global corporation. Mi Work Matters partnered with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to place Kate in this position. She received rave reviews from her manager.

Photo of a young man in a Detroit Zoo Employee uniform with a sign that says "Staff Only"


Best First Job

“My son, Danny, had a wonderful experience this past summer due to Mi Work Matters. Danny is 19 years old and had his first summer job in the Guest Relations department at the Detroit Zoo. Danny has Down syndrome so this was a very big deal! Laura at Mi Work Matters made it all happen. The road to independence for a person with an intellectual disability is through competitive employment which is hard to find and can be difficult to succeed at without support. Mi Work Matters worked daily with the Zoo management and staff to establish positions within the Zoo that persons with disabilities could be successful at and were integrated and inclusive. They were the onsite support to intervene early and find workable solutions to any barriers. Danny learned how to clock in at the start and end of each shift, how to use his phone’s timer to monitor his break times, attended staff trainings and meetings. Mi Work Matters was there to support him from start to finish. He has been able to add to his resume and learn invaluable job skills on which to build in his next job.”

    — Laurie (Danny’s mom)